Mold Health Concerns

Family members spend well over 88% of their time in their home so everyone wants to insure they are living in a safe and secure environment. Certain molds release odors and volatile compounds into the air inside your home and many cause specific health problems we must be concerned with.

These compounds have been known to cause headaches, fatigue and bouts of dizziness. These molds and related Fungi have three main results to be concerned with and they are Infections, Toxic Poisoning and varied Allergic reactions.

Different people have of course different levels of sensitivity to mold and the reactions that result. While allergic reactions tend to be the most common those with severe reactions can suffer from high fevers, a severe shortness of breath and asthma and asthma-like attacks.

When high levels of mold exist and are airborne they are most commonly found in damp homes and those with areas of water intrusion into the property. We must be even more concern when pregnant females, infants, young children, the elderly and patients suffering from immune infections, cancer and liver disorders live in the home.