Our Services

Signature Mold testing will provide comprehensive and professional services to include:

  • Client interviews to determine the source of concern(s) and known water intrusions at the home.

  • Visually inspect the home and all known areas of concern.

  • Mold sampling services which properly test the air and the surfaces of the home. We then send these samples to an independent and accredited laboratory to determine any levels of mold found. We will determine if mold is found, what form of mold, how much mold and whether the mold is alive or dead.

  • Our final report will include a water event history, visible and non-visible mold, any canine alerts, complete test results and our recommendations for remediation if we feel this is necessary.

  • Following industry and national standards our written and final protocol report will document all findings.

  • We also provide the clients with mold remediation services - removal of microbial organism from affected areas.

  • >We guarantee that they pass air quality test after remediation.

  • We also provide timely detailed digital reports with color photos. It can stand up in court to prove any claims. We will happily provide a sample of our reports to our clients if they request it.

  • We have state of the art equipment including digital and fiber optic borescope, infrared thermal imaging cameras, hygrometers, air scrubbers, moisture meter, microbial air sampling equipment, in-addition to other sampling methods.

  • We use accredited laboratories with speedy results.

  • We also assess for Chinese drywall.

  • We provide remediation protocol for the restoration.

  • Here is a link to one of our mold reports, just to give you an idea of what it contains: SampleMoldReport.PDF